Olive Stone Spitting Competition Rules

1.- There will be two competitions, one for CHILDREN and another one for ADULTS without any SEXIST discrimination.

2.- ADULT enrolement will end at 12.33 O’clock, and children enrolement at 10:33 O’clock on the day of the competition.

3.- Olive spitting can only be performed with the mouth, no other tools, such as straws, will be allowed.

4.- Distances will be measured from the start line to the final landing position of the olive stone.

5.- If a participant crosses the start line, the spitting will be declared invalid.

6.- If the olive stone dropes on a spectator or a passer by, the spitting will also be declared invalid. However, the Grand Jury may decide to validate the spitting if it unanimously agrees during its discussions that a peculiar situation has occured.

7.- The 10 best participants will be promoted to the next stage of the competition, both in the children as well as in the adult competitions.

8.- The participants who pass the first selection will then participate in another two olive spittings. The three participants with the best results will finally be declared the WINNNERS.

9.- The olive stones used in the competition are the “OLIVA CHAFÁ” variety of olives from the town of Cieza in Murcia (Spain).The origin of this particular olive will be guarenteed by highly qualified professionals.

10.- In the case participants do not like the flavour of the olives, different varieties of olives can be presented to the Jury for approval. Alternatively, other members may lend their bones.

11.- In the unusual instance a participant experiences abdominal pain caused by a massive ingestion of stones, the ORGANISATION will not bare responsibility of any kind. The ORGANISATION will not compensate the participants with any extra funds now or never, directly or indirectly, in the past or future, in the present or in the present.

12.- The Guinness Record of the olive spitting competition is 21.32 m. However, if a participant exceeds this achievement he or she will be declared “caballero predilecto de la Orden de los Lanzadores de Huesos” (Venerated Knight of the Fellowship of the Olive Spitting Knights).

13.- Those participants using false teeth are recommended to fix them well into place in order to prevent accidents or other dangers. The ORGANISATION will not be held responsible for any injuries.

14.- From the outset, participating in the competition means accepting the ground rules. However it is the Grand Jury who always has the last word. Its decrees are irrevocable and cannot be contested with regards to rules and regulations.

The organization wishes you good luck.




Copyright © M. Villa y M. Ato. Murcia, 2006, RPI nº 08/2006/263

Ayuntamiento de Cieza Cieza Turistica